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The Periodical, Forlorn


Welcome, friend.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Carlisle, roving collector of tales and prober of curiosities.

My personal touch can be found on all you see here. I am reporter, editor and author all.

It is, perhaps, the natural law of writing: that writers should focus on what they know best. And we here at The Periodical, Forlorn are not so arrogant as to think ourselves

above nature.

I and my agents Danger Callahan and Ceilidh Campbell are all, in some respect, "beyond the usual." And it is tales in this vein--the grim, the grey, the grotesque--to which we find ourselves drawn.

We are ambassadors of the weird and the wild. And we like it this way.

So stop awhile and peruse all that's catalogued here.

And if you have a strange tale of your own, pray share it with us.

More Than A Magazine

The Periodical, Forlorn is a literary magazine that specializes in horror, science fiction, speculative fiction, and weird fiction. We publish all varieties of short fiction and celebrate the subversion of traditional literary forms.

The Periodical, Forlorn itself subverts the format of a normal literary journal. Alongside submissions from contributing authors, each issue features excerpts from the magazine's archive. These stories are told from the perspective of editor Carlisle and his intrepid reporters, Danger Callahan and Ceilidh Campbell. In this literary world, The Periodical, Forlorn is not just a magazine, but an investigative agency, probing the weird and bringing succor to those who run afoul of it.

Put together, the various excerpts from the archives work to build a mythos around Carlisle, Ceilidh, Danger and the world they inhabit.

Image by Darya Kraplak

Meet Carlisle

Image by Charles Deluvio

The enigmatic Carlisle edits The Periodical, Forlorn and oversees the efforts of his investigative reports, Danger Callahan and Ceilidh Campbell.

Sometimes a mere chronicler of events, sometimes a more active agent in shaping them, Carlisle, himself a little bizarre, is dedicated to reporting and investigating the oddities of the world. Though he walks with a limp, has green-grey skin and only one good eye, Carlisle's physical limitations are more than made up for by the quickness of his mind.  To Ceilidh, he's something between a boss and a father-figure. His relationship with Danger is sometimes more fraught, but rooted in mutual respect.

His base of operations is the river-side town of Stillwater. There, he not only oversees the literary and investigative endeavors of The Periodical, Forlorn but pursues various entrepreneurial projects. His motives are almost always something other than what they seem.

Meet Danger Callahan

Danger Callahan's moniker is well-earned. When bravado and daring are on the docket, Danger is the agency's go-to employee.


Blunt, charming, and a bit of a rogue, Danger takes as much pleasure in shocking the delicate sensibilities of those who rub him the wrong way as in closing the case.  A hard drinker and a smooth talker, no matter the danger his boisterous personality is never subdued. Nor is his loyalty, especially to Ceilidh, who's like a sister to him.

Image by Andrew Seaman

Meet Ceilidh Campbell

Image by Gary Ellis

Ceilidh Campbell is the agency's introvert. Happiest when she's researching, Ceilidh is bookish and shy. Until, that is, something offends her sensibilities. And then her Celtic temper generates a fury that bodes ill for any between her and her sense of justice.

Fiercely loyal, Ceilidh works tirelessly on behalf of her friends and co-workers. Though she guards her private life jealously, she is warm and witty with those to whom she's closest. 


When not at work, she's frequently found at the itinerant camp that sits in the forest that borders Stillwater, with those who share a deep discomfort with society.

Follow the Agency's Exploits

Carlisle, Danger Callahan and Ceilidh Campbell's stories can be found in the following publications:

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