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Eternal Prisoners:
A story in the cthulhu mythos

By Thomas Davison

The Cthulhu cult has never been closer to unleashing the Great Old One.

With the help of modern technology, the unthinkable goal of the Cthulhu cult is closer than ever to being realized.

As the remaining days until the worshippers of chaos gather to open a portal that will unleash incomprehensible horrors on the world wane, Professor Henry Silberhutte and his team must find a way to stop them.

As Silberhutte, psychic Sierra Masters, warrior John Steele, and soldier Frederick Masters fight the old gods and their human enablers, the revelation of a secret threatens the team. Will Silberhutte and John Steele, the team's strongest warrior, prevail against the Cthulhu cultists?

Find out in Eternal Prisoners. Available from Kindle Vella.


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Read the first three chapters free.

About the Author

Dr. Thomas Davison has been teaching college coursework inside two State Prisons in Ohio for the past five years. He has been deeply moved by his personal observations and interactions with his incarcerated students. In 2019 this motivated him to create poems and short stories about their day-to-day lives and experiences. 


Dr. Davison has been published in dozens of literary magazines and journals, including Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal, Author’s Publish, Shanti Arts Literary Magazine, Innsaei International Journal of Creative Literature, Third Estate Arts Quarterly, and True Chili Western Magazine (Underwood Press)


Thomas’ short stories have been published in many anthologies, including 42 Stories Anthology, Indiana Horror Review 2020 Anthology- Book, Marketplace Journal, Forbidden Verses Anthology, Poetica #2, The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Poetry Anthology 2020, and Sincerely Magazine 2019 Art Anthology.


Some additional publications for Dr. Davison include Active Muse Literary Journal, American Diversity Report, Badlands Literary Journal, Barzakh Magazine, Black Petals Literary Journal, Bluntly Magazine, Dime Show Review Literary Journal, Flowers & Vortexes, Creative Magazine, Huunu, Inc., Ponder Savant, The Preservation Foundation, Inc., The Storyhouse Writer’s Showcase, Potato Soup Journal, Teach. Write., The Dribble Drabble Review, Too Well Away Literary Journal- Volume 1, Issue 2, Wilderness House Literary Review, and Scriblerus Magazine. 

Podcasts where you can view some of Dr. Davison’s writings, 

Creative Drive Podcast (YouTube) Prison Philosophy 101 Creative Non-Fiction, by Dr. Thomas Davison

Creative Drive Podcast (YouTube) Three Poems by Dr. Thomas Davison


Later this year, in 2022, he will have two books and a serial published. 

A chapbook of his poetry called Different Prisons. A fiction novella entitled, The Boy With Strange Eyes. Finally, he has a five-part serial entitled Eternal Prisoners.


His winning Petrarchan (Italian) sonnet was selected by the American Jewish Historical Society to be posted in the Emma Lazarus Museum. Dr. Davison has recently started a not-for-profit Entrepreneur Services for Felons (ESF). He has dedicated 100% of his writing profits to providing free one-on-one support services for felons and ex-felons. Thomas has created two Writing Clubs within the prisons. These incarcerated students are his beta readers to ensure he speaks in their voice and keeps it honest. 

Press Kit

Press interested in profiling Eternal Prisoners may download the press kit, which includes plot details, publishing information, an author biography and interview, plus promotional materials, below.

Please contact with any questions or for additional information.

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