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Image by Einar Storsul

And the Dead Shall Sleep No More

Short Stories about vampires

Stories to soothe the children of the night.

Ever  wondered if you'd be transfixed by a vampire's stare should you happen to cross paths one dark, gloomy night?

From the aristocratic charm of the European bloodsuckers of old, to the challenges of a modern-day Nosferatu navigating today's tech-driven society, And the Dead Shall Sleep No More is a celebration of vampires in all their forms.

The sensory pull of the vampire's kiss lurks on every page of these anthologies. The series debuted on Halloween 2021 with the publication of Volume I. We had so much fun curating the stories--and received such an overwhelming response from a slate of incredibly talented independent authors--that we decided to make it an annual tradition and Volume II was published on Halloween 2022.


Volume I: Published Halloween 2021

Appearing in this volume:

Birth of a New Species by Matias Travieso-Diaz

The Tale of the Vintner's Daughter by LindaAnn LoSchiavo

The Manager of a Chicken Franchise in Vinland by B. Patrick Lonberg

The Lifted Veil by Matthew Barron

Transplantation by Deborah L. Davitt

Daddy Christmas by Paul Wilson

Night Falls First at the Cottage by S.C.R. Hill

The White Death by G.A. Miller

Madam Mina and the Man from Amsterdam by Scott Harper

The Donor by Carys Crossen

Summer Schedule by John Kiste

The Arrangement by Georgia Cook

Jackpot by Liam Hogan

So the Legend Goes by Monette Bebow-Reinhard

The Night Nanny by Laura Blackwell

The Empire of Sleep by Davin Ireland

Sleep, Sleep, Little One by Gerri Leen

The Best Dentist in Orange County by Tony-Paul de Vissage

And All the Days and Nights Are One by Ray Kolb

Anita by Ewa Mazierska

Oh Madeline by H.L. Dowess

Volume II: Published Halloween 2022

Appearing in this Volume:


One Happy Camper by David Gwyn

Renfield's Reward by Petina Strohmer

Hunter and Prey by Martin French

The Silver Maker by Ginger Strivelli

Un-Die with Me: A Vampire Love Story by Lynette S. Hoag

Loss of Charity by Elizabeth Tompkins

Daddy's Girls by J.L. Smith

A Trail of Blood Like Stars by Helena O'Connor

Blood and Ashes by J.S. Johnston

Blood Born by Joe Nazare

Picture of Nobody by Max Rissman

The Teacher by Terry Riccardi

When the Sun Rises by Christian Riley

A Ballet of Blood and Flames by Liam Hogan

La Belle by Phillip T. Stephens

Our Legacy by Daniel Goncharov

Partake in the Pleasure, Delight in the Pain by Haven Bale

Count on Me by Michael Noonan

Danag Spirits by Victory Witherkeigh

Uncuffing Season by Robin Walmsley

Saving Mia by Jesse Krenzel

Calmet and the Second Coming of Don Lazaro by Scott Harper

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