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Look upon the horrors of eternity and weep.

It's not the dark men should fear, but the far-flung corners of the universe and the inevitable and indelible promises of the future made by the creatures lurking there.


Existentia Press is Input/Output Enterprises' cosmic horror imprint, featuring titles about the indescribable terrors in the universe and the madness that befalls those who contemplate them.


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Eternal Prisoners: A Story in the Cthulhu Mythos

A Kindle Vella Series

With the help of modern technology, the unthinkable goal of the Cthulhu cult is closer than ever to being realized. As the remaining days before the opening of a portal that will unleash incomprehensible horrors on the world wane, Professor Henry Silberhutte and his team must find a way to stop them. But the revelation of a secret threatens the team. Will Silberhutte and John Steele, the team's strongest warrior, prevail against the Cthulhu cultists?

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