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Follow the rambling misadventures of silent hero, Walter Stepson, as he repeatedly finds himself inexplicably trapped in various, strange, alternate realities. A Kindle Vella serial.


Leo Glazer is a man haunted by his past, by the musical fame and fortune that came at the expense of his true talents. He drifts from town to town until he meets a young woman whose sensitive soul reminds him of his squandered potential. His journey to help her sends him onto a bizarre journey into an unfamiliar desert landscape and into the long suppressed recesses of his psyche.

The second published work in The Wayside series.

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Fall victim to the children of the night in this anthology about vampires. Featuring 21 works of original short fiction from a slate of contributing authors.

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Meet Carlisle, roving collector of curious tales.

Sometimes a humble chronicler of events, sometimes the instigator of those events, Carlisle and his team are never far from the dark and bizarre.

This short-story anthology contains a

select set of tales, curated by Carlisle himself.


Aileen Richardson is a governess. She takes a position at Castleside, an ornate Gothic mansion perched by the sea and impregnated with damp. Caught between the claims of her pupil--that the statues on the roof are really alive--and the counter-claims of her employer--that Quincy is a sick boy with an overactive imagination--Aileen soon suspects that there is more to the house than meets the eye.


Henpecked husband Frederick Wilcox sets out on a cross-country trek towards a new home and a new life. But there's one thing he can't leave behind: his shrewish wife, Vera. When the couple pull off at an out of the way hotel offering respite for the travel weary, the solicitous staff provides Frederick with more than a good night's sleep.

The first work in The Wayside series.