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Valor Diamond Book 3.png

The werewolves are everywhere. Valor Diamond have no resources and no allies left. As they confront their own shortcomings once more, will they be able to put a stop to a war that threatens to destroy the world as we know it? Find out in the third book in the Valor Diamond series.

And the Dead Shall Sleep No More 2.png

And the Dead Shall Sleep No MOre: Volume II

Our second Halloween anthology celebrating vampires. This short fiction anthology features over 20 original works of short fiction, all with a unique take on vampire myths and legends.

Valor Diamond Book 1.jpeg

Valor Diamond aren't like other crime-solving teams. They have a secret: they're vampires. But, like humans, they squabble. Can they put aside their differences in time to stop someone close to them becoming the Rhyme and Retribution Killer's next victim?

Wandering Blind cover.jpg

Follow the rambling misadventures of silent hero, Walter Stepson, as he repeatedly finds himself inexplicably trapped in various, strange, alternate realities. A Kindle Vella serial.


Leo Glazer is a man haunted by his past, by the musical fame and fortune that came at the expense of his true talents. He drifts from town to town until he meets a young woman whose sensitive soul reminds him of his squandered potential. His journey to help her sends him onto a bizarre journey into an unfamiliar desert landscape and into the long suppressed recesses of his psyche.

The second published work in The Wayside series.

Valor Diamond Book 2.png

The Valor Diamond team is still tracking a grisly killer. But as they race to unravel the killer's rhyming clues and save his next victim, is one of their own working against them? No one is trustworthy in this second book in the Valor Diamond series.

dunstanmere affair cover.jpg

Between families with no birth records and strange incidents surrounding a biologically significant lake, something is wrong at Dunstanmere.

Dracula Dorothy cover.jpg

An aging horror star and a wannabe starlet follow the trail of a missing director one Halloween night In Hollywood. Bela Lugosi's quest to reclaim the glamor and glory his film career once brought him brings more excitement and danger than he bargained.

Vampire Anthology 1 cover.png

Fall victim to the children of the night in this anthology about vampires. Featuring 21 works of original short fiction from a slate of contributing authors.

cover mixed.png

Meet Carlisle, roving collector of curious tales.

Sometimes a humble chronicler of events, sometimes the instigator of those events, Carlisle and his team are never far from the dark and bizarre.

This short-story anthology contains a

select set of tales, curated by Carlisle himself.

A Cleansing of the Blood.jpg

Anton the Undying, once Rome's greatest gladiator and now the enforcer of the vampire world, returns in this second anthology. Preoccupied with ridding himself of his bloodlust, will Anton sense the threats growing near him?

EP cover.jpg

With the help of technology, the worshippers of Cthulhu are closer than ever to bringing back the Great Old One. It's up to Professor Silberhutte and his team to stop them. But a secret threatens to tear the team apart.

Name of Fear cover.jpeg

Once Rome's greatest gladiator, Anton's life changed when he received the kiss of a vampire. Now the enforcer of the vampiress who turned him, Anton struggles to keep the supernatural world hidden within our own in check.


Aileen Richardson is a governess. She takes a position at Castleside, an ornate Gothic mansion perched by the sea and impregnated with damp. Caught between the claims of her pupil--that the statues on the roof are really alive--and the counter-claims of her employer--that Quincy is a sick boy with an overactive imagination--Aileen soon suspects that there is more to the house than meets the eye.


Henpecked husband Frederick Wilcox sets out on a cross-country trek towards a new home and a new life. But there's one thing he can't leave behind: his shrewish wife, Vera. When the couple pull off at an out of the way hotel offering respite for the travel weary, the solicitous staff provides Frederick with more than a good night's sleep.

The first work in The Wayside series.

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