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Wandering Blind

By Tim Bruner

A Kindle Vella Serial


About Wandering Blind

These four stories follow the rambling misadventures of our silent hero, Walter Stepson, as he repeatedly finds himself inexplicably trapped in various, strange, alternate realities, whether underground, urban, or otherworldly, in which he is called upon to perform heroic rescue missions for various people or entities in distress which points he finds himself repeatedly drawn on into his next, mysterious adventures. Join Walter as he seeks to discover the key to each of these strange realities, as well as hopefully finding his way back to...wherever he has originally come from in the first place.


About the Author

Tim Bruner was born, raised and educated in the Midwest, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Indiana State University. After years of trying, and having various poems published in local, amateur publications, he has finally achieved his first published fiction with Wandering Blind. He is also a visual artist, having exhibited his work in several group shows.

Where to read:

Wandering Blind is only available on Kindle Vella. Vella publishes serial stories, one episode at a time.

Chapter I: Blind available February 7.

Chapter II: Blind Walks On available February 21.

Chapter III: Continuing Blind available March 7.

Chapter IV: The Final Blindness available March 21.

Cover Image:

"open" by Seniju is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Cover Design: Katherine Emily

Wandering Blind cover.jpg
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