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Image by Diego González

The Valor Diamond Series

By Charlotte Baker

About Valor Diamond: The Rhyme and Retribution Killer



Valor Diamond aren’t like other crime-solving teams. They’re vampires, each with their own special ability.


Together, they help protect the world from supernatural threats. But divided, their powers make them a threat to each other.


With the grisly Rhyme and Retribution Killer taunting the team through clues left behind on the bodies of each of his growing list of victims, can Valor Diamond rise above their internal strife in time to save someone close to them from becoming the next victim? 


Part-weird fiction, part-crime thriller, Valor Diamond: The Rhyme and Retribution Killer is the first book in a three-part series.

About the Author

Charlotte Jayne Ruth Baker is an author, associate lecturer, and PhD candidate with an interest in crime and horror. She has over sixty publications. Charlotte enjoys spending her time with family, drinking coffee, watching films or reading, walking, and conversing with the various monsters that float around her imagination. 


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