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The Valor Diamond Series

By Charlotte Baker

A supernatural killer is on the loose. And only the supernatural can stop him.

That's where Valor Diamond comes in.  They know the supernatural because they are the supernatural--a team of vampire sleuths who each have their own special ability. Together, they help protect the world from supernatural threats. But divided, their powers make them a threat to each other.


Valor Diamond: The Walk of Death

There's a war coming, a war that will destroy the world as we know it.

The news is full of grim reports of towns across the UK being descended upon by wolves, who slaughter every inhabit they can find and then disappear. No one knows where they came from or what they want.

Except Valor Diamond, who know that their old enemies werewolf vixen Vice and son of the devil Luke have formed an alliance. Its purpose? Rid the world of humans and allow the supernatural to live free.

Stopping these crimes is usually Diamond's job, but the team has been given an ultimatum by Luke and the werewolves: don't interfere in their slaughter of humankind and be spared, or act to save humanity and risk being destroyed themselves.

Freshly reeling from the knowledge they've failed to stop their enemies' plans, and with the betrayal of a former confidante fresh in their minds, the vampires find themselves with few options. Can the team put aside their feelings and work with a former ally who betrayed their trust once in the past? With few resources and working incognito, will they be able to discover where the wolves are camped or intend to strike next, or unravel the mystery identities of several others who may be involved in the plot?

Find out in Walk of Death, Book 3 of the Valor Diamond series.


Catch up on the rest of the series.

Valor Diamond: The Rhyme and Retribution Killer


In their inaugural adventure, the Valor Diamond team finds themselves taunted by the grisly Rhyme and Retribution Killer,whose calling card is a rhyming clue left behind on the body of his victims.

As the list of victims grows, can Valor Diamond rise above their internal strife in time to save someone close to them from becoming the next victim? 


Part-weird fiction, part-crime thriller, Valor Diamond: The Rhyme and Retribution Killer is the first book in a three-part series.

Available in paperback and as an ebook.


Reader Praise for Charlotte Baker's Valor Diamond: The Rhyme and Retribution Killer

"This is a fast-paced thriller/crime novel, the first in a series about a group of vampires firmly on the side of humanity. There's an evil serial killer at large and the team find their resources stretched to the limit to track the criminal down. The stakes are high and the atmosphere is tense. The vampires themselves are surprisingly endearing: well-drawn and vulnerable in their different ways. The details of their domestic arrangements at Valor are great fun and add some nice touches of humour which heighten the horror of the killings. I would've liked more backstory about the origins of all the characters but I imagine that will come in the subsequent novels. Highly recommended."


"Just started reading Valor Diamond again, third time reading it now, thank you for writing a brill book."


"I know I am behind in reading Valor Diamond, it took at bit of time to get here.  I absolutely loved your concept, and the characters. This is a great book, can't wait for more of the series."

"Finished this book in 1 day!! Extremely well written and great characters! I love this whole concept. Can't wait til the next one!!"


"Stephen King once said "Description begins in the writer's imagination. But should finish in the reader's." Valor Diamond is absolutely one of those books where that quote applies. One minute you're breathing in the fumes of the excessive amount of bleach on a kitchen surface, and the next, you're in a dark corner listening as the next victim is being told how they're going to be tortured and killed....just leave a couple of hours between finishing your evening meal, and delving into this bad boy. (Don't even get me started on the 'flappy knee skin' part)  So if you enjoy playing Russian Roulette with the bile rising in your throat, you need to read this book!  Char, you're a sicko. I loved it.  "

Valor Diamond: Let the Dust Fall

With no time to rest or reflect on the fallout from their last case, the Valor Diamond team are once again on the trail of a brutal killer.

In Valor Diamond: The Rhyme and Retribution Killer, the team of vampires traced the rhyming clues left by a demon on the bodies of his victims. But the team failed to stop him from killing Alex, a forensic criminologist, or from escaping after killing the body he'd possessed.

Now, as bodies continue to pile up, the team must regroup and try to catch him once again. But that's not easy with the team dynamic shattered. Especially since there's a mole in Diamond. Is it one of their own members, or someone close to them?

Plus, what do old rivalries with werewolf packs have to do with the recent string of killings?

Can the team figure out who to trust in time to stop someone else close to them from falling victim to the demon? Find out in Valor Diamond: Let the Dust Fall.



About the Author

Charlotte Baker is an author, associate lecturer, and PhD student with an interest in crime and horror. She has over seventy publications. Charlotte spends her time with family, drinking coffee, walking, and conversing with the various monsters that float around her imagination.

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