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The Dunstanmere Affair

An Excerpt from the Periodical, Forlorn

By Ceilidh Campbell

Some old families are even older than they seem.

Something is wrong at Dunstanmere. Public records show the prominent and influential Dunstan family died out years ago. Yet, Amyas Dunstan is very much alive...and looking for a bride. Could the Dunstan's secret be tied to the property's lake? And what's behind reports of strange events at their country resort? Carlisle, Ceilidh Campbell and Danger Callahan investigate in The Dunstanmere Affair.

 Available from Kindle Vella starting August 1.

About the Author

Ceilidh Campbell is one-third of the team behind The Periodical, Forlorn. Along with the roguish Danger Callahan and the enigmatic Carlisle, who heads the team, Ceilidh investigates the oddities and injustices of Stillwater and its surroundings.

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