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The Genesis Chronicles

Excerpts from The PeriodicaL,, Forlorn

Carlisle, roving collector of curious tales, invites you into his archive.

He's scanned his collections, selected the choicest tales and assembled them into this anthology.

Contained within the pages are tales of woe, tales of misfortune and tales of heartache. There are horrors whose roots can be found in the corporeal world, in the dysfunction of man's psyche, and horrors whose roots may be found in the supernatural.

Heed Carlisle's bid to enter. Let not the effort to memorialize these tales of himself and his employees be in vain.


The Genesis Chronicles: Excerpts from The Periodical Forlorn is a short-story anthology.

Its stories cross genres: some are primarily horror, some hue closer to speculative fiction and some contain elements of science fiction. Its formatting may be considered a "random access fairy tale." Many of the stories within the anthology are connected, but it does not follow a traditional chapter book format.

It features I/O Enterprises' mascot, Carlisle, who serves as narrator of the volume. The anthology is presented as a compilation of works drawn from Carlisle's collection.

It is a joint work between Katherine Emily and Brett Salter and features stories written by both authors.

The Genesis Chronicles is available for purchase, in either ebook or paperback, from Amazon.

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The Genesis Chronicles: Excerpts from The Periodical, Forlorn

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