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The fourth issue of The Periodical, Forlorn answers the siren song of the sea.


Meet monsters, mermaids and other mysterious spirits who call the inscrutable depths of the ocean home.  These are stories of heartbreak, misfortune, revenge and the cruelty of the natural world.


In this issue, you'll find 11 original works of short fiction from a slate of contributing authors. Speculative fiction, weird fiction, and horror all feature on the pages of this issue.


Editor-in-chief Carlisle has also opened the magazine's archives for your reading pleasure. Follow the tales of he and his intrepid employees as they probe the oddities of Stillwater and the wider world.


Please be aware: this magazine contains elements of horror, such as descriptions of violence, that some readers may find offensive.


Contains a .pdf and .epub version of the magazine, as well as a digital image file of the issue cover.

Volume I, Issue IV: Lost At Sea

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