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Welcome, Seekers of the grey and grim.

Welcome to a World of the Dark Bizarre.

Step lively now into our forlorn menagerie, where chimerical creatures stare wistfully from the depths of dingy pens. Don't shy away should one of our curiosities catch your gaze: its eyes blaze with a knowledge caged by its twisted jaw.

The woeful wisdom of the aeons is showcased here in cobwebbed corners and down drafty back passages where whispering winds go slinking.

We counsel you: cast away your predilections whilst you wander here, lest your hubris lead you down a labyrinthine passage from which there is no exit, only an empty room with a streaked window where the more discerning gawkers at misfortune can come and press their noses to gape at the folly of the pride-blind.

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Recent Publications

Coming Soon: Imprints

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