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Spring Titles from I/O Enterprises

Input/Output Enterprises has an exciting slate of new fiction scheduled to be released this spring.

We're venturing into new formats with several releases on Amazon Vella.

Vella is a relatively new platform, allowing writers to publish serial fiction one chapter at a time. Readers purchase tokens, which allow them to unlock chapters of stories they're following. One of the perks of Vella: the first three chapters of every story is free.

Wandering Blind, by Tim Bruner

Follow silent hero Walter Stepson as he navigates a series of strange alternate worlds and meets a mysterious cast of characters in need of his help. Where has he come from? Where is he going next? Find out in Wandering Blind.

The first two chapters of Wandering Blind are already available. Find out more here.

When Dorothy Met Dracula in Hollywood, by Myron Kukla

It's Halloween night and an aging Bela Lugosi doesn't have much to look forward to: his wife is gone, his career is far from what it used to be, and he's battling addiction. Then wanna-be starlet Dorothy from Kansas shows up and Lugosi finds himself surrounded by mystery and danger.

Chapter 1 available in late March.

Eternal Prisoner, by Tom Davison

A team of academics battle Lovecraftian monsters and fight to save the world.

Coming late spring 2022.

The Affair at Dunstanmere: An Excerpt from The Periodical, Forlorn

Dunstanmere: a quiet country resort run by the politically-prominent Dunstan family.

But are the Dunstans vampires? And what's in the mere that a team of scientists are so desperate to get their hands on that they'll resort to sabotage?

Carlisle and his team, Ceilidh Campbell and Danger Callahan, are on the case in The Affair at Dunstanmere.

Coming late spring 2022.

Book Releases

The Name of Fear Collection: Tales of Anton the Undying, by Scott Harper

Once a fearsome gladiator, Anton's life changed when he received the kiss of a vampire. Now Anton fights to keep the supernatural world hidden within our own in check.

This anthology contains three stories, wherein those foolish enough to challenge Anton learn there are things even monsters fear.

Available March 11.

Valor Diamond: The Rhyme and Retribution Killer, by Charlotte Baker

A team of vampires, each with their own special power, race to decipher the clues left by a gruesome killer. Can they solve the puzzle into to save his next victim? Can they do so without tearing each other apart?

Valor Diamond: The Rhyme and Retribution Killer is the first release in a three-part series by Charlotte Baker.

Available in late spring.


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