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Our 2023 Resolutions

We enter the new year thankful, as ever, for amazing independent authors and for readers of independent fiction. We've got big ambitions for growth in 2023. Check out some of our plans below!

1. More New Titles

"I have enough books." said no one ever. And we're here to facilitate you in hoarding dark and spooky literature. We have several titles already planned for 2023, including the forthcoming Valor Diamond: Let the Dust Fall, and are working on adding more!

2. More Calls for Submissions

In aid of that, we'll be issuing new calls for submissions shortly! A few months ago, we asked our readers what our next project should be. Responses were split between Gothic horror and cosmic horror. Rest assured those will be working their way into our calls for submission, as will folk horror.

3. Imprints

Vampires: we love them. But we also love creepy towns with dark secrets and ancient familial estates haunted by the dark past. As we grow, we're turning to more genres: we've got a number of crime novels planned for the next years. And we'll be launching imprints to reflect that.

4. Website Redesign

We love our independent authors and we want to do more to feature them on our website. Publication pages will be getting a redesign this year. Plus, we're launching an author blog! We'll feature guest posts from our authors on fiction and fiction writing.

5. Greater Social Media Presence

When we launched a few years ago, one of our goals was to engage our readers as much as possible. That means feedback in new projects, and so much more. In aid of that, we'll be looking for ways to be more engaged, from videos to promotions to anything else we can think of?

Have an idea for something you'd like to see us do? We always welcome feedback from our readers. Send us an email at or tag us on social media!

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