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I/O Enterprises Ventures Into Cozy Crime with Bella and the Book Club Series

Input/Output Enterprises is thrilled to announce it has reached an agreement with Valor Diamond series author Charlotte Baker to publish a stand-alone novel and a three-part series of cozy crime stories.

Entitled Bella and the Book Club, this Agatha Christie-esque series is set in a small English village. The series begins with The Murder House. As events seemingly ripped from the pages of one of their novels begin to unfold, Bella and the fellow members of her murder mystery book club try to solve the case.

Books two sees a neighborhood trick-or-treating event go wrong. And in book three, a Christmas murder mystery party suddenly becomes too real. More details will be forthcoming.

In Who Needs Enemies, a stand-alone novel from Charlotte Baker, four friends reckon with the aftermath of a 30-year-old teenage tragedy, which led one of them to murder. As a school reunion approaches, forcing the four friends to return to the town that haunts them, their strained relationship is put under even greater pressure.

Charlotte Baker is also the author of Valor Diamond: The Rhyme and Retribution Killer and the forthcoming Valor Diamond: Let the Dust Fall.

In the Valor Diamond series, a team of vampiric sleuths race to uncover the identity of a brutal killer, who taunts them with rhyming clues left on the tortured bodies of his victims.

Along the way they fight werewolves, demons, and even threats from within.

Valor Diamond: Let the Dust Fall will be published in early 2023. Input/Output Enterprises will also be publishing a third book in the Valor Diamond Series.

Reader Praise for Valor Diamond: The Rhyme and Retribution Killer

"This is a fast-paced thriller/crime novel, the first in a series about a group of vampires firmly on the side of humanity. There's an evil serial killer at large and the team find their resources stretched to the limit to track the criminal down. The stakes are high and the atmosphere is tense. The vampires themselves are surprisingly endearing: well-drawn and vulnerable in their different ways. The details of their domestic arrangements at Valor are great fun and add some nice touches of humour which heighten the horror of the killings. I would've liked more backstory about the origins of all the characters but I imagine that will come in the subsequent novels. Highly recommended."

"Finished this book in 1 day!! Extremely well written and great characters! I love this whole concept. Can't wait til the next one!!"


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