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Horror Titles to Close Out 2022

Spooky season, as those for whom every day is not a celebration of the darker things in life refer to autumn, is upon us. We here at Input/Output Enterprises, where we revel in the grey and grim, are here for all your reading needs.

Last year, we debuted a short fiction anthology dedicated to vampires, our favorite horror creature, on Halloween. We're thrilled to be able to do that again this year. Look for And the Dead Shall Sleep No More: Volume II on October 31, 2022.

Like last year, this anthology will feature over 20 original works of short fiction from a slate of incredibly talented independent authors. Whether you love spins on the classics, like Dracula, or more modern takes on the bloodsucking legends, there's something in this anthology for you!

Eternal Prisoners: More episodes coming soon to Kindle Vella

The fight against Cthulhu' rise has always been futile. But the power of technology has only made it easier for Cthulhu cultists to work their heinous design upon the unsuspecting citizens of Earth. That's the problem Professor Henry Silberhutte and his team face in Thomas Davison's Eternal Prisoners.

With the chapters currently published ending on a cliffhanger (you'll have to read them to find out what), we're happy to announce an additional ten chapters will be coming to Kindle Vella.

Publication dates for each chapter coming soon!

Also in the works

A second anthology of Anton stories

Scott Harper's The Name of Fear Collection: Tales of Anton the Undying follows Anton, once the most powerful gladiator in the world, who now uses his ferocious fighting skills to helps vampire mortark Bregit keep the supernatural world in check.

We're bringing you more of Anton's adventures in a second short story anthology! Troubled by the extremes to which the red thirst drives him--and the danger in which it puts his lover--Anton also faces a nefarious threat from an enemy close to he and Bregit. Find out whether the vampires prevail in Anton's sequel anthology! Release date coming soon!

The Valor Diamond team returns

In Valor Diamond: The Rhyme and Retribution Killer, the team of vampire sleuths tracked down the grisly serial killer. But were they successful in weeding him out and stopping his string of ritualistic murders?

Valor Diamond return in Let the Dust Fall. But can the fractured team adjust to a new member? Not only must the team struggle with new dynamics, but an old enemy returns. And the team face a threat from within.

Release date coming soon!

Ongoing: The Affair at Dunstanmere

The investigative team behind The Periodical, Forlorn are back. Reports of strange occurrences have led Danger Callahan and Ceilidh Campbell to Dunstanmere, a country resort owned by the wealthy Dunstan family, who might be vampires.

As Ceildh probes the Dunstan family history, and tries to get a read on the reclusive and eccentic heir to the family fortune, Amyas, Danger Callahan investigates the property's mere. Said to have rare mineral properties, a number of outside agencies are interested in purchasing the land the mere sits on. Are the strange affairs at Dunstanmere sabotage by the groups after the mere? Or are the Dunstans covering up something darker?

Find out in this atmospheric Kindle Vella serial. Chapters 1 through 3 are already available to read and new chapters are added regularly!


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