The Beginning

Hail, fellow seekers after erudition. And welcome to the The Mutineers, the blog of I/O Enterprises.

My rakish business partner, Brett Salter, and my demure self will here pour out our souls to you lucky nameless, faceless denizens of cyberspace.

As this is a beginning, let me lay down some backstory.

For my own part, I/O Enterprises is a philosophic act of rebellion. I’m an academic malcontent of long-standing, a freewheeling rationalist and intransigent ideologue. I don’t comply, compromise or capitulate. My radical individualist epistemology is out of sync with the goosestepping enforcers of institutionalized education. Exasperated, I took my first steps towards stopping the motor of the world by founding The Politics of Discretion, which now has a home in I/O Enterprises.

I/O is a home for those with wanderlust of the soul, whose interests run erratically across the demarcating boundaries of various social, cultural and political institutions. We eschew the Westphalian system here and have little respect for the sovereignty of traditional disciplines. Rather, we aim to be the kind of rabid, unhinged zealots modern elites might build a digital Hadrian’s Wall to keep sequestered from the more pragmatic populace.

We want to marry erudition and entertainment, to make you laugh and make you think. We’re here to subvert form and the traditional political structure. Independence is the only unifying theme to our various projects.

We’re a fledgling media empire to be sure, but one with delusions of grandeur, so be sure to check back often; there’s bound to be some new act of mutiny underway.


Katherine Emily Co-Founder, I/O Enterprises

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