Announcing a Forthcoming Announcement

Ready your writing implement of choice, seekers of the grey and grim. We're announcing that we will soon be launching our literary magazine and opening it up to submissions.

This will be a themed magazine, with an upper word limit probably south of 4,000 words.

Here's a sneak peek of the theme, in case you want to get a jump start: abandoned objects of the forest.

For more on The Periodical, Forlorn check out the latest episode of The Mutineers:

As I mentioned in the video, creative collaboration is important. Among the dreams of this company's future that Brett and I had were live, interactive literary events, a la murder mystery weekends. A pandemic and our limited resources means this isn't going to happen anytime soon.

But we still want to build a relationship with our audience; we want to bring you in as creative partners. And the first steps of that involve our audience preference survey. Add your voice at the link below:

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